Academic Writing: 10 Essential Essays You Should Know

Academic Writing: 10 Essential Essays You Should Know

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Achieve academic essay success by learning how to write 10 unique and common essays in this step by step course

What you’ll learn
Organize, Write, and Revise the Example, Description, Narrative, Compare/Contrast, and 6 other types of essays.
Try various methods for Brainstorming/Starting and Outlining/Planning your essay
Use strategies to overcome Writer’s Block and Writing Anxiety
Effectively develop and structure introduction and conclusion paragraphs
Use a variety of interesting Attention Getter and profound Final Impression strategies
Revise to ensure your essay writing is thorough, specific, detailed, and effective.
Understand the Reader’s Role in the Writing Situation

For ESL students, an IELTS score of 7.5 or above is recommended, but a 6.5 may be sufficient.
Basic knowledge of how and what sentences and paragraphs do in an essay

Writing essays can be intimidating. Often, this is because we don’t know what the teacher wants. As a teacher, I understand what that is. Using my experience teaching and tutoring essay writing at various colleges and remembering my experience as a student, I’ll help you find the essay writing success you deserve through learning about each of the 10 most popular academic essays.

Write successful essays by learning:

What the teacher may not tell you but still expects
How to overcome Writing Anxiety and Writer’s Block
How to make the Writing Process Yours
Learn how to develop and organize:

With over 12 Brainstorm Strategies
Using 3 Outlining Strategies
Introduction Paragraphs for all Essays
With 5 Attention Getter Strategies
Body Paragraph Content for all Essays
With 10 Content Support Strategies
Conclusion Paragraphs for all Essays
With 6 Final Impression Strategies
By revising each of the 10 unique essays effectively
10 Unique Academic Essays
…Using color-coated examples that show every step

Practice and Use your writing knowledge with:

Over 12 quizzes and 100 quiz questions that use essay writing examples, analysis, key concepts, structure, and revisions.
A 57 page downloadable textbook with color-coated guides to all 10 essays with all attention getter, content support, and final impression strategies which includes 5 interactive essay writing activities with color-coated answers/explanations.

Who this course is for?
High School or College students who struggle with essay writing or need to prepare for it.
Returning college students who need to review essay concepts or who struggle with essay writing.
English as Second Language (ESL) students who will write essays in High School or College
Anyone intested in learning more about academic essay writing.
For the Expressive Essays: those interested in elements of creative writing




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