Flying Car v1.0.0

Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer

Master autonomous flight software engineering skills as you build your career in flying cars and drone robotics.

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Genre: eLearning | 2.7 GB | Language: English

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn the core concepts required to design and develop robots that fly. You’ll work with the quadrotor test platform and our custom flight simulator to implement planning, control, and estimation solutions.

Prerequisite Knowledge

To optimize your chances for a successful application to our Flying Car Nanodegree program, we’ve created a list of prerequisites and recommendations to help prepare you for the program curriculum.See detailed requirements.

  • IntroductionLearn about our quadrotor test platform, work in our custom simulator, and build your first project—getting a quadrotor to take-off and fly around a backyard!Backyard Flyer
  • 3D Motion PlanningOptimize 2D solutions using waypoints, then scale solutions to 3D problems. Apply these skills by autonomously navigating your drone through a dense urban environment.3D Motion Planning
  • ControlsMoving a flying vehicle requires determining appropriate low-level motor controls. Here, you’ll build a nonlinear cascaded controller for your drone system.Building a Controller
  • EstimationUtilize sensor fusion and filtering. Design an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) to estimate attitude and position from IMU and GPS data of a flying robot.Estimation
  • [Optional] Fixed-Wing AircraftLearn the dynamics of fixed-wing flight and apply what you’ve learned by writing code to control a fixed-wing aircraft in simulation.Fixed-Wing Control



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