Modern C++: Efficient and Scalable Application Development

Modern C++: Efficient and Scalable Application Development

English | ISBN: 9781789951738 | 694 pages | December 21, 2018 | EPUB | 3.4 MB

Create apps in C++ and leverage its latest features using modern programming techniques.

Key Features
Develop strong C++ skills to build a variety of applications
Explore features of C++17, such as containers, algorithms, and threads
Grasp the standard support for threading and concurrency and use them in basic daily tasks
Book Description
C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages. It is fast, flexible, and used to solve many programming problems.

This Learning Path gives you an in-depth and hands-on experience of working with C++, using the latest recipes and understanding most recent developments. You will explore C++ programming constructs by learning about language structures, functions, and classes, which will help you identify the execution flow through code. You will also understand the importance of the C++ standard library as well as memory allocation for writing better and faster programs.

Modern C++: Efficient and Scalable Application Development deals with the challenges faced with advanced C++ programming. You will work through advanced topics such as multithreading, networking, concurrency, lambda expressions, and many more recipes.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will have all the skills to become a master C++ programmer.

This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products:

Beginning C++ Programming by Richard Grimes
Modern C++ Programming Cookbook by Marius Bancila
The Modern C++ Challenge by Marius Bancila
What you will learn
Become familiar with the structure of C++ projects
Identify the main structures in the language: functions and classes
Learn to debug your programs
Leverage C++ features to obtain increased robustness and performance
Explore functions and callable objects with a focus on modern features
Serialize and deserialize JSON and XML data
Create client-server applications that communicate over TCP/IP
Use design patterns to solve real-world problems
Who this book is for
This Learning Path is designed for developers who want to gain a solid foundation in C++. The desire to learn how to code in C++ is all you need to get started with this Learning Path

Table of Contents
Understanding Language Features
Working with Memory, Arrays, and Pointers
Using Functions
Using the Standard Library Containers
Using Strings
Diagnostics and Debugging
Learning Modern Core Language Features
Working with Numbers and Strings
Exploring Functions
Standard Library Containers, Algorithms, and Iterators
Math Problems
Language Features
Strings and Regular Expressions
Streams and Filesystems
Date and Time
Algorithms and Data Structures


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