Statistics : Random Variables and Probability Distributions

Statistics : Random Variables and Probability Distributions

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60+ solved questions to help you get into the flow of cracking statistics problems (Binomial,Normal Distribution etc)

What you’ll learn
Understand the step by step approach to solve questions related to Discrete and Continuous Random Variables
Complete understanding of Continuous Random Variables – Uniform and Normal Distribution
Avoid silly mistakes and feel much more confident while solving questions in your next Statistics exam

Basic Knowledge of Random Variables and Probability Distributions – Discrete and Continuous
Basic understanding of following concepts – Expected Value, Variance, Standard Deviation, Covariance and Correlation

This course is your key to learn how to crack statistics questions. It has students (from over 100 countries) and the course reviews and ratings reflect their liking of this Statistics course!

The sole purpose of this course is to make you feel more confident in solving statistics questions by showing you the approaches involved in a simple and step by step manner.

In this Statistics course, I have specifically focused on the Random Variables part and covered the following topics:

1) Probability Distributions for Discrete Random Variables
2) Expected Values
3) The Binomial Probability Distribution
4) Probability Density Functions (Continuous Random Variables)
5) Cumulative Distribution Functions and Expected Values
6) Normal Distribution

This course is apt for students who already have basic understanding of these topics and are looking for some solved questions to practice along and to fill in the understanding gaps!

Note: These questions are taken from the book ‘Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences’ by Jay L. Devore.
I am working on updating the content with some good questions from good books as well.

All that said, if you would like to discuss something while you are learning, please feel free to start a discussion or PM me.

Lets get started..!

Who this course is for?
Students, who are new to statistics and want to learn in a simple and step by step manner
Students, who are struggling with Introductory Statistics and need some solved questions to practice along
Students, who would like to learn the approach of solving statistics question to feel more confident in their next Statistics exam




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