[Udemy] – AJAX Tester Application XHR Fetch jQuery Axios

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Build an AJAX GET and POST request sending testing web application from scratch using JavaScript Created by Laurence Svekis Last updated 3/2018 English English [Auto-generated]  What you’ll learn Gain a deeper understanding of AJAX See a number of ways to make AJAX requests Use AJAX response data to output on webpages Requirements Basics of JavaScript

[Udemy] – Web Scraping with Python: BeautifulSoup, Requests & Selenium

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Web Scraping and Crawling with Python: Beautiful Soup, Requests & Selenium Created by GoTrained Academy 2, Waqar Ahmed Last updated 6/2018EnglishSubtitle: Included. What Will I Learn? Python Refresher: Review of Data Structures, Conditionals, File Handling How Websites are Hosted on Servers; Basic Calls to Server (GET, POST Methods) Web Scraping with Python Beautiful Soup and

[Udemy] – Build Your Own Messenger With Object Oriented PHP & Flexbox

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Learn Object Oriented PHP, Ajax, Flexbox, Advanced CSS and PDO From Scratch. Build Your Own OOPS Base PHP Websites. Created by Shakil Khan Last updated 5/2018 English What Will I Learn? PHP object oriented form scratch Ajax from scratch CSS Flexbox from scratch CSS Variables & CSS Units PDO(PHP Data Object) from scratch Advanced CSS CSS