Data Science Algorithms in a Week: Top 7 algorithms for computing, data analysis, and machine learning

Data Science Algorithms in a Week: Top 7 algorithms for computing, data analysis, and machine learning

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English | September 20th, 2017 | ISBN: 1787284581 | 210 pages | EPUB |2.09 MB Machine learning applications are highly automated and self-modifying, and they continue to improve over time with minimal human intervention as they learn with more data. To address the complex nature of various real-world data problems, specialized machine learning algorithms have

[Udemy] – Data Structures and Algorithms Through Python In Depth

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Course Preview What you’ll learn Over 100 Quiz questions Ability to analyse algorithms Knowledge of basic Data Structures and various sorting algorithms Ability to write and trace recursive algorithms Ability to write programs for different Data Structures and Algorithms Confidence to face programming interviews Requirements Basic knowledge of programming in Python Description This is a

[Teamtreehouse] – Algorithms: Sorting and Searching

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Course Preview About this Course This course will look at algorithms in two categories: sorting and searching. We’ll implement well-known sorting algorithms like selection sort, quicksort, and merge sort. You’ll also learn basic search algorithms like sequential search and binary search. What you’ll learn Recursion Sorting algorithms Searching algorithms Big O notation Instructor: Jay McGavren

[Udemy] – Projects in Machine Learning : Beginner To Professional

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Course Preview What you’ll learn Learn core concepts of Machine Learning Learn about differnt types of machine learning algorithms Build real world projects using Supervised and Unsupervised learning algorithms Requirements Basic knolwedge of Python is required to compile and run the examples Basic knolwedge of mathematics is assumed  Description Update: This course has been updated

[Udemy] – Algorithms & Big O – 101 Basics Course: CRUSH The Interview!

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A review of important key computer science concepts. This course will help you prepare for any Technical Interview! Created by Abhinav Gupta Last updated 10/2018 English What you’ll learn By the end of this course, students will have a better understanding of the basic concepts in software and will be better prepared for their current job

[] – Algorithms in Motion

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Based on the best-selling Grokking Algorithms Created By Beau CarnesCourse duration: 4h 11mFiles: 34 exercises Good and simple to understand introduction to algorithms.By: Boris Vasile, Team Lead, Garmin Cluj Description See it. Do it. Learn it! Algorithms – established processes for solving computational problems-are the foundation of computer programming. Mastering the most important algorithms and

[Udemy] – Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

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Learn to create Machine Learning Algorithms in Python and R from two Data Science experts. Code templates included. Created by Kirill Eremenko , Hadelin de Ponteves , SuperDataScience Team, SuperDataScience Support Last updated 10/2018 English Subtitle: English + Other Languages Available. What Will I Learn? Master Machine Learning on Python & R Have a great

[Udemy[ – C++ Programming For Beginners : Step by Step and Practical

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Learn C++ in easy & effective steps, specially designed for beginners , practical approach , Nearly 100 Coding Exercises Created by Harsh Kajla Last updated 10/2018 English English [Auto-generated]  What Will I Learn? What is compiler / IDE variables / types of variables Conditions like if / else / switch case Operators – arithmetic, relational,

[] – Machine Learning with C++ : Choosing the Right Algorithm

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Tom Joy Wednesday, May 30, 2018 Use skills learnt in C++ to build efficient models   Video Details ISBN 139781788390859Course Length1 hours 34 minutes Table of Contents Making the Ml Algorithm Comply with One’s NeedsClassification with Support Vector MachinesClassification with Neural NetworksClustering with Expectation MaximizationClassification with KNN   Video Description Machine Learning is a field

[Udemy] – Algorithms and Data Structures in C++

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Learn Algorithms and Data structures in C++, get Ready for Enginnering Interview Created by Luke’s Programming School Last updated 7/2018 English English [Auto-generated]  What Will I Learn? Explain and Use Sorting Algorithms Construct Efficient Algorithms Explain and Use Data Structures Solve Problems Curriculum For This Course   Introduction   Sorting Algorithms 13 Lectures 50:17 +

[Udemy] – Data Structures and Algorithms – High Level MADE EASY

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Abstract reasoning makes algorithms easy. Learn about Sort, Search, Trees, Hash Tables, and Heaps. Created by GP Shan Last updated 7/2018 English English [Auto-generated]  What Will I Learn? they will be able to use algorithms with ease to solve their programming problems. build a search engine from scratch Requirements Some programming experience is helpful but

[Ebook] – Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Kotlin

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Rivu Chakraborty, Chandra Sekhar Nayak October 2018 Acquire smart and efficient techniques to make your development code faster and more scalable Book Details ISBN 139781788994019Paperback348 pages   Book Description Data Structures and Algorithms are much more than theoretical concepts. Learning them gives you an ability to understand computational complexity, solve problems, and write efficient code.

[Udemy] – The Essential Algorithms and Data Structures

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Learn how to master the most important algorithms and data structures to become a professional-grade engineer Created by Anirudh Balasubramanian Last updated 9/2018 English What Will I Learn? Leverage popular algorithms and data structures in your own programs to solve complex problems efficiently Design their own algorithms and data structures using industry standard practices Break down