Angular automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber

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MP4 | Video: AVC 1280×720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 7 Hours Genre: eLearning | 1.15 GB | Language: English What you’ll learn Understand what Angular 2 application is Understand and work with Jasmine Understand and work with Protractor with Typescript Working with Page Object Models in protractor Working with different tools and

[Udemy] – Angular Front To Back

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Master Angular 5 from the basics to building an advanced application with Firebase’s Firestore as well as authentication Created by Brad Traversy Last updated 5/2018 English English [Auto-generated]  What you’ll learn Build amazing single page applications using Angular 5+ Master Angular concepts Understand the file and folder structure of an Angular application Build a client

[Udemy] – Desktop apps with Angular, Firestore and Electron

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   Learn to build a complete app from scratch   Created by Raja yogan Last updated 5/2018English What you’ll learn Problem solving ability Ways to store, retrieve data using NoSQL databases (Firestore) Write large applications from scratch Requirements Basics of Angular Patience Coffee Description This course takes you on a developer journey where you’ll be

[Udemy] – Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide

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Learn how to connect your Angular Frontend to a NodeJS & Express & MongoDB Backend by building a real Application Created by Maximilian Schwarzmüller Last updated 8/2018EnglishSubtitle: Included. What Will I Learn? Build real Angular + NodeJS applications Understand how Angular works and how it interacts with Backends Connect any Angular Frontend with a NodeJS

[Udemy] – Angular Essentials (Angular 2+ with TypeScript)

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The most efficient way to dive into Angular 2 or Angular 5 if you got limited time or need to refresh the basics! Created by Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Maximilian Schwarzmüller Last updated 5/2018 English What Will I Learn? Build highly reactive and user-friendly web applications running in the browser (driven by JavaScript) Dive deeper into

[packtpub] – Beginning Server-Side Application Development with Angular [eLearning]

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Discover how to rapidly prototype SEO-friendly web applications with Angular Universal Instructor: Tamas Piros Monday, August 20, 2018 Video Description Before adding service workers and starting out with server-side rendering, you will learn how to build a small and simple application. Once we’ve scaffolded our UI components and implemented key application logic, we’ll explore how

Angular – Concepts, Code and Collective Wisdom

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Learn the core concepts, play with the code, become a competent Angular developer Created by Mark Rajcok Last updated 5/2018 English What Will I Learn? Understand the core concepts and building blocks of the framework: Components, Templates, Data Binding, Services, Dependency Injection, and Change Detection I guarantee you’ll learn things that are not in the Angular

Become a MEAN Stack Developer: MongoDB; Express;Angular;Node

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Create a MEAN Stack Application step by step from scratch Created by Bluelime Learning Solutions Last updated 6/2018Language: English What Will I Learn? Build a MEAN Stack application Setup a Mean Stack Development Environment Create a new Angular 6 Project Create a new Angular 6 Component Edit a Component Create a MongoDBb database Create a MongoDB

Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers

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Have limited time to learn Angular 4 (Angular 2+)? Take this course and learn Angular in 10 hours! Created by Mosh Hamedani Last updated 4/2018 English What Will I Learn? Master the essential Angular concepts Troubleshoot common runtime errors Write cleaner, more maintainable code Curriculum For This Course 137 Lectures 10:20:00 Requirements Basic familiarity with