[Udemy] – IP Addressing and Subnetting

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What Will I Learn? Introduces you to subnetting you’ll learn about Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSMs) and how to design a network using VLSM. By the end of the course You will be able to subnet a network in your head. Key elements in successful execution of the subnetting procedure   Requirements basic understanding of Networking

[Udemy] – Introduction to IP Addressing and Subnetting the Easy Way

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Master Subnetting the Easy Way! Created by Alton Hardin Last updated 6/2018 EnglishWhat Will I Learn? Understand the Fundamentals of IPv4 Addressing Perform Basic Binary Math Subnet Class C, B and A Networks with Full Length Subnet Masks Understand the Basics of Variable Length Subnet Masks   Requirements A Basic Understanding of Computer Networks A Desire