The Digital Painting w Procreate Guide Grayscale method

The Digital Painting w Procreate Guide Grayscale method
The Digital Painting w Procreate Guide Grayscale method

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What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn that Procreate’s tools are more powerful than most realize!
  • You’ll learn tons of tips, little-known tricks, and shortcuts for this amazing iPad app.
  • You’ll learn creative ways to use selections, layer masks, filters, adjustments, and a lot more!
  • You’ll learn art techniques you’ll be able to immediately apply to your own work!
  • You’ll learn how to properly paint colors over a black and white value painting or greyscale painting.


  • iPad (the newer, the better.)
  • Apple Pencil (or a stylus compatible with your tablet.)
  • The Procreate app from the App Store (or your favorite painting app. Most of these techniques have an equivalent function in other apps.)
  • Basic knowledge of Procreate tools… taught in my beginner Procreate course if you need it.
  • Be ready to learn! I’ll provide our exercise at various stages, so you can skip the sketching if you like, and go straight to painting.
  • Basic drawing skills. This isn’t a “how to draw” course.


Procreate is an amazing digital art app on iPad for sketching, drawing, finished illustrations, and painting that total beginners or seasoned professionals can use to make digital art! Procreate is a bit like a piano. If you know the basics, you can play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or, with a little practice, you might play some Beethoven!

The course is designed to show you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step method of digital painting from grayscale to color. It’s a great way for beginner’s to learn how to focus on the important parts (value and contrast) without having to worry as much about color at first. This method will make it easier for you to select colors that work well together. You’ll also learn how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls beginners make – like flat looking colors.

We’ll go through the entire process together – from sketch to finished product! In each section, we’ll focus on a specific aspect of the process.

  • We’ll start with a basic thumbnail sketch, but feel free to create your own. 
  • We’ll tighten it up and start adding the light and shading.
  • We’ll learn how to apply colors in a simple, but effective way that works for almost any type of digital painting.
  • Lastly, we’ll polish up the fine details.

My name is Kurt, and I use Procreate in my professional work Image Comics as well as my own digital paintings. I’ve been creating tutorials and online courses since 2013 teaching thousands of students worldwide about digital art. 

Procreate is MUCH more powerful than most users realize. You’ll learn tons of tips, tricks, and shortcuts that I had to learn the hard way! 🙂

I’ll also include: 

  • the Procreate file I work on throughout the course, so you can see how the layers work from the inside!
  • several stages of our exercise, so you can pick it up at almost any point in the process.

So join me! If you’d like a Bob Ross-style walkthrough with my favorite digital art app for iPad, check it out. See you inside! 🙂


Who this course is for:

  • People who are looking to learn digital painting with Procreate.
  • People who are looking for more tips, tricks, and shortcuts that go beyond the basic tools.
  • People who are looking to learn how to correctly paint from grayscale to color and avoid common mistakes.


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