Where on Earth? Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life: The Amazing History of Earth’s Most Incredible Animals

Where on Earth? Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life: The Amazing History of Earth's Most Incredible Animals

English | March 19th, 2019 | ISBN: 1465479635 | 162 pages | True PDF | 81.60 MB

Find out what Earth was like millions of years ago as you explore the prehistoric continents and encounter the incredible animals that roamed them.

Where on Earth? Dinosaurs takes you on a journey through time, from the beginning of life on Earth, to the age of the dinosaurs, through the Ice Age, to the evolution of early man. Packed with more than 50 profiles of the most important prehistoric animal species, each entry puts the fossil finds on the map—from the teeth of T-rex in North America; to Archaeopteryx feathers perfectly preserved in sandstone in Germany; and the curved, slashing claws of terrifying Velociraptors in the Gobi Desert—and brings the animals to life in stunning CGI illustrations.

Throughout the book, 3D globes show how our planet evolved, and help the reader understand the arrangement of the continents today, and why we find fossil remains where we do. There are maps of fossil sites and stories about their discovery by palaeontologists and adventurers over the centuries. Find out, too, about the work of palaeontologists, on digs and in the lab. Discover how they put together a picture of the past from a puzzle of fossil clues, reconstructing skeletons from bones, adding flesh and scales or feathers, and interpreting the lifestyle and behavior of these extraordinary animals.

Where on Earth? Dinosaurs reveals the prehistoric world as never before, and is an essential addition to the library of every young dinosaur expert.



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